3 Best Tool Offers to Predict the Blood Group of a Newborn Baby

Blood Group of a Newborn Baby

Do you know the right blood transfusion saves 4.5 million lives approximately? As a lot of newborn babies die from hemolytic diseases, predicting their blood type may save their lives.

ABO testing may not go well for nascent babies, as they are vulnerable to a harsh environment. That’s why you need to use a blood type calculator to pre-empt any imminent mishap.

If you are interested in the tools that can check the blood groups without taking samples, you should read this article.

Blood Group

What do blood groups mean?

A blood group is a specific type of blood that a newborn inherits from its parents. You get the features of your parents through their genes. The blood group is one of them.

There are four types of blood groups and each has its + and – Rh factor. So, technically the number of blood groups becomes 8.

What is Vitamin D Blood Test?

A vitamin D blood test measures the level of 25(OH)D in your blood. The serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) test will give you an indication of how much vitamin D your body is absorbing, and also how much it’s producing by exposing skin to sunlight.

Why each blood group is different from the other?

Before knowing that, you should have an idea of what your blood is made up of. Blood as you see, is a red fluid moving inside your veins, arteries, and capillaries.

It is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. Plasma mainly contains water and red blood cells contain hemoglobin.

Plasma has antibodies that protect your body from any outside bacterial or viral attack. These antibodies fight those intruders and act as a shield for your body.

Moreover, antigens are proteins that stick to the red blood cells. They are either Rh-positive or Rh-negative. The presence of specific antibodies and antigens in the blood tells its type.

Below are different blood groups:

blood group

Importance of blood group test in newborn babies:

For blood transfusion:

Newborn babies are prone to diseases as soon as they get born. Most times their births may lead to emergency situations and ultimately fatalities.

Most children’s deaths occur due to jaundice because the child’s blood does not match that of the mother’s. During birth, both blood types come in contact with each other.

The mother’s blood attacks the antibodies of her’s child’s. This creates morbidity in the blood. The blood stops and deaths occur.

Knowing both blood groups helps you to deal with such life-threatening situations in advance.

For parentnity testing:

Besides DNA tests, the blood type prediction of a child helps you know its parents. As red blood antigens appear to be dominant in the child in question.

If the father’s and the mother’s blood groups do not match that of the child’s then the person claiming to be the father not the real father of the child. So, these tests help you find the real father of a child.


Three best tools that predict the blood group of an infant baby:

A blood type calculator is a tool that you can use to predict the blood group of anyone, even a newborn baby.

There are a lot of blood type calculators available on the internet. You can find one on the web, but for your convenience, we have listed the three best tools.


Ecalculators have provided this wonderful tool to access the unknown blood types of any child. You can even predict the blood group in a child even if it wasn’t born yet.

Blood Group

Know your child’s blood group, by selecting your and your partner’s blood group. You can even know your own blood group if you know your parents’ blood types.

With that said, this tool isn’t accurate because you can’t know the exact blood group with automatic calculators.

However, this calculator is the best for predicting anyone’s blood group anytime.

Apart from blood group, you even use the punnet square of a child through this tool. Punnet square is a special set of boxes used to find the genetic makeup of a child.


This calculator is developed by calculators. tech, a brand name in calculator tools for different disciplines.

Blood Group

This tool is mostly used by parents and doctors. Parents use them to predict the blood group of their child who hasn’t been born yet.

It is a fun thing for parents to know the blood group of their children. Moreover, this prediction helps them to take any precautionary measures for their child’s health.

Moreover, it is a very simple calculator that provides a prediction about blood type, that’s why you should not go with its results solely.

Doctors and medical personnel can use this calculator to estimate their patient’s blood groups. Therefore, this calculator comes in handy when you are doing a survey based on blood type.


It is another tool from the same league. This tool is very efficient in predicting the blood group of anyone, provided that you have the input blood group of the parents.

Blood Group

Owing to its simple design, this calculator is the most used one among the people. There are only a bunch of tools that give swift results and this blood type calculator is one of them.

You can use this calculator to get fast results, every time you use this calculator. If you are going to be a father soon, you can use this tool to find the blood group of your child.

Just add your and your better half’s blood group and find the result.

Summing up:

Blood type calculators are a new innovation in the set of online tools over the internet. Do not go on their simple interfaces, as these tools play a beneficial role in your life.

Knowing your newborn’s blood type helps you to take precautions for the child’s health. In this way, you make save your child from any impending danger.

Above are the three best blood type calculators, which you can use to find the best-estimated results online.