A Story of Minka: Point of Overcoming Physical Disability

Physical Disability

No physical impediment can ever hinder one’s mental development, the manifestation of one’s qualities. Man can overcome any physical obstacle through his thinking. There are many disabled people in our society about whom the people of the society make a lot of jokes. They do not want to put the disabled in the ranks of ordinary people. For this reason, people with physical disabilities feel very small, mentally they are very deranged all the time. One of the things that works for them is – how do people view me and society? This always keeps them away from the mentality of another healthy person. We need to help people with disabilities, we need to show love to them. We need to extend a hand of sympathy to them. But in society we see the opposite picture. People always set them apart from ordinary people. They are considered to be of low quality. Making fun of them is a matter of routine. But they can also present themselves if they get a sympathetic environment, if they get the right medium. Like all other people in society, they have the right to life. Only a sympathetic attitude towards them can nurture their talents, their intellect in the society.

Physical disability does not mean mental disability. But looking at the behavior of the people in the society, it is understood that they consider the physically handicapped people as mentally handicapped. They also have a beautiful mind, they also want to present themselves in the world a little more beautiful. They also have a social right to live a good life. But they are always looked down upon.
Today I will talk about a man who has overcome his physical disability and presented himself like all other people in the society. His name is Minka. When he overcame all obstacles and was admitted to the university, everyone laughed at him. Many students used to make fun of his disability. But ignoring all this, only in the intoxication of reading, he surpassed all the other students in the class. First class became first in his department. Seeing the impeccable feeling and interest towards this study, the teachers always gave him inspiration and a sympathetic hand. Due to which he was able to be first class first in his department.
From this it is understood that people with physical disabilities can surpass all other healthy people if they want to. Physical disability is not the main thing, the real thing is a person’s mental desire. Mental desire can never be suppressed by physical impediments. We should extend a hand of empathy to all the physically challenged people in the society. To treat them as healthy normal people in the society and to take social initiative so that their intellect can develop smoothly. People from all walks of life should be aware so that the physically challenged are not socially degraded. We all want a healthy life for the physically challenged.
He came home three times after being ridiculed by the students. But the third time she came home, her parents became very worried about her rival child. They suffer a lot. Minka saw tears in her parents’ eyes and decided to return to the university. He also decided that he would be first class first, surpassing healthy students. Eventually he was able to do so. All the obstacles in the department overcame the hostile environment. In his interview, he said, “Physical disability can never hinder a person’s mental development. I was embarrassed by the various degrading remarks made by people in the society. So never give up on physical disability. People with disabilities have to overcome physical disabilities and move forward. We have to move forward without worrying about who said what, what people in the society have said about people with disabilities. We have to be mentally strong. Mentally strong. If there is, any obstacle can be overcome very easily. “

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