Chocolate cake Recipe

The story of the chocolate cake Health Tips

It’s hard to find people who don’t love eating chocolate cakes. Chocolate cake is the most popular dessert in western countries including America. Everyone is ready to enjoy the taste of chocolate cake in the morning, afternoon, night or any time of the day. The funny thing is that in our country too, but at […]

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New style in bridal attire Latest News

New style in bridal attire Latest News

The colors of the bride’s attire, the materials, the outfits  each one comes up in the discussion. This year, in a limited range of weddings, the bride’s sari is seen with neem or light lace work, silver jewelry. Katan’s veil can also be seen. And the outfit is light. Extensive changes are seen in wedding […]

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Book Fair Research Activities

My Thoughts on Book Fair, Research Activities & Our Education System

Bangla Academy organizes book fairs every year. The Bangla Academy remains active throughout the month of February. The Bangla Academy premises are abuzz with crowds of book-loving people and writers.   Every year there are different stalls in Bangla Academy and various types of books are sold from there. Children’s books, rhyme books, poetry books, […]

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2 gb Internet

Students Will Get 2 gb Internet for Free: What about Bangladesh?

The Government of Tamil Nadu, India has taken a new decision for the benefit of the students. Arrangements have been made to provide 2gb internet to the students so that they can join the online class every day without any hindrance. The government’s decision is welcomed by students and parents as it is an effective […]

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Beauty Parlor

Mega Project of 441 Crore Taka :: Beauty Parlor & Food Corner

The Government of Bangladesh has now taken a different approach to the employment of women. They have taken initiative to set up beauty parlors in 60 upazilas of Bangladesh. Women go to beauty parlors to practice beauty. This beauty parlor is becoming very popular all over Bangladesh.   The government has decided to set up […]

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A New Precedent in the Development of Fenchuganj :: My Analysis

Enam-ul-Islam – This name is now a familiar name in Bangladesh. Especially in Fenchuganj of Sylhet, Bangladesh, this name is now in the mouths of people. Enam-ul-Islam is originally a British citizen but was born a Bangladeshi. He wants to play a role in the development of Bangladesh. That is why he has already undertaken […]

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Earth's Rotation

Changes in the Speed of the Earth’s Rotation and its Effects on Human Life

We all know 24 hours a day. It takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate once on its own axis. This is how the earth has rotated for the past 50 years. But since the middle of last year so far the Earth has reduced its rotation time. We will not see this change. […]

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Waste-Free Capital

Plan to Build a Waste-Free Capital: The first Step Has Begun

Dhaka city is a city of water pollution and air pollution. Dhaka city is in the most risky position in terms of air pollution. Dhaka’s culverts and rivers are full of waste. The past mayors of Dhaka city have taken various initiatives. In some cases far-reaching results have been found. In many cases they have […]

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Iran's Nuclear Progress

Iran’s Nuclear Progress and A Strong Call to World Leaders

So far, nuclear weapons have been discovered in many countries around the world. The world’s superpowers are now rushing to discover nuclear weapons. A hostile relationship with another country threatens to launch a nuclear attack. It is a daily occurrence in the international arena. However, no country has yet carried out a nuclear attack against […]

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Indian onions

Buyers are not Interested in Indian Onions, Importers are in Dire Straits

India stopped exporting onions to Bangladesh about three and a half months ago. They stopped exporting onions to Bangladesh without any prior announcement. As a result, traders and general buyers in Bangladesh. They are very damaged. They then have to buy 300 taka per kg of onion. India exports onions to Bangladesh at will. He […]

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