Iran's Nuclear Progress

Iran’s Nuclear Progress and A Strong Call to World Leaders

So far, nuclear weapons have been discovered in many countries around the world. The world’s superpowers are now rushing to discover nuclear weapons. A hostile relationship with another country threatens to launch a nuclear attack. It is a daily occurrence in the international arena. However, no country has yet carried out a nuclear attack against […]

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The Degradation of Society, Divorce and Morality

Divorce is now an epidemic in the world. The number of divorces is constantly increasing in the world. The present society is very concerned about this issue. A study was conducted to find out why divorce rates are rising. Research has shown that differences of opinion, extramarital affairs and disobedience of the husband are at […]

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Morality is Like a Gold Bar

For a Nation, Morality is Like a Gold Bar

Humans are big diverse animals. People’s thoughts differ from one to another. Strange man, strange his nature. In fact, human life can be imagined as a combination of flowers of different colors. Just as flowers have different colors, so do human thoughts. The colors of the flowers are different, just as the nature, character and […]

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Ideal teacher, Society Formation and Current Reality

The status of teachers as the ideal people of the society is much higher. Teachers have a lot of dignity regardless of religion or caste. Manu of the society obeys them. Teachers are the brains of society. In order to destroy a nation, first of all, the intelligent intellectuals and teachers of that country have […]

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