The Story of the Sea-land and Their Sovereignty: Know the Unknown

We all know Vatican City as the smallest country in the world. But there is a smaller country than that. His name is Sea-Land. They claim themselves as an independent sovereign state. Today we will talk about Sea-Land. The location of this sea-land is 6 miles from the British coast. Sea-Land is about 50 years […]

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Turkey's Technological Success

Turkey’s Technological Success and Future Military Strength

Turkey is achieving unprecedented success in the field of technology day by day. Because of their technological breakthroughs, they no longer care about any country in the world. In today’s technology world, they will start to show their dominance after five years. It is thought to be a French newspaper. The magazine has warned about […]

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Political Conclusion

Ethics, Voting and Political Conclusions

When the end of the world draws near, incompetent people will continue to work in various high-ranking positions. Incompetent people will be in high positions in politics. The end of the world seems to have come closer. At present, looking at various government offices and political figures, the matter becomes clear. Honest and competent people […]

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I love to dream

My Dream: Economic and Political Liberation of the Country

I dream, I love to dream. All the people of the world have the right to dream. I dream of a society in which there will be no discrimination, no violence, no fighting and no violence. I dream of a beautiful society, a beautiful state. Economic and social liberation is my eternal dream. When a […]

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Me, Nurul and Mukti-nama: Jokes About Pak Military

I sit at the university all day and drink tea and smoke cigarettes. In the evening I go back and chat again, talk about big things. Plans for how to drive the Pakistani aggressors out of the country are always on the table. Although I don’t have a habit of reading books, I occasionally sit […]

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Tiger Forest, Sundarbans: Travelogue with Gazi Bhai

When we went tiger hunting in the Sundarbans, we were accompanied by Sikandar Ghazi and a tiger hunter. As they said, our boat was pushed deep inside the Harbaria Canal, from where another canal called Beri Khal flows eastwards, then turns south-east and merges with the famous Sela Gang. The rivers of the Sundarbans, each […]

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