Effective Steps of Bangladesh Government to Stop Illegal Phone Use

Illegal Phone Use

Illegal mobile phones will be turned off – a rumor that has been heard for a few days. From July 1, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) wants to shut down illegal mobile phones automatically. But later they backed away from this decision. They said that if it was turned off automatically, it would not be possible to completely stop the use of illegal mobile phones.
But later no one will be able to keep illegal mobile phone in Bangladesh. The chairman of BTRC spoke at the meeting. BTRC has sought complete information from mobile operators about the addition of illegal mobile phones. It will be possible to identify illegal phones when complete information is available from the operators. The BTRC said that all illegal phones can be blocked by this.

BTRC has already entered into an agreement with a company to verify whether the phone is legal or illegal. The name of that company is Synesis IT. The contract with the company has already been completed. BTRC has introduced a system called National Equipment Identity Register and Synesis IT Company has been entrusted with the task of managing this system smoothly.

It has promised to provide technical solutions to stop illegal phone use by June. According to BRTC, 14 crore IMI numbers have been stored in their database so far and they have information on 371.9 million mobile phone sets. The BRTC director general said illegal phones would be automatically shut down from July 1. But the point is that there are many phones in the market with the same EMI number in Bangladesh and there are also some stolen phones.
The BRTC was asked for details on what decision would be taken on these allegations. They said no decision has been made so far. If various illegal mobile phones enter the country through tax evasion, it causes a lot of damage to the government. The government loses a lot of revenue due to this.

About 25 to 30 percent of the country’s phones are imported illegally every year. Due to this the government lost revenue of Tk. 1200 crore. Many said they had received phone gifts from abroad and were asked what would happen to them. Those who have received gifts from abroad must have proof of that. Their phones will not be turned off if they can show proper evidence. The development of the telecommunications sector between 2019 and 2020 was highlighted at the event.

According to the company, the number of phone subscribers has increased by about 28 lakh and the number of internet subscribers has increased by about 11 million. Fourth generation Internet services have increased. There are 12 mobile phone manufacturing companies in Bangladesh and they have made 33.8 million mobile phones in a year and a half. The BTRC chairman said he has been discussing various issues since joining and he is monitoring the issues. He will take care that no one is harmed and he will give importance to him.

Such revenue collection is an important issue for every country. But if there is a problem then there is a problem in the whole administration. For a long time in Bangladesh, various smugglers have been importing phone phones. They do not pay taxes to the Bangladesh government. As a result, the Bangladesh government has lost revenue. With this revenue the government could do a lot of development work.

So the government has taken this decision and the government is careful enough not to harass any person. This decision has been welcomed by various quarters. It has been said that the law should be properly enforced so that illegal phones do not run on the network of Bangladesh. If imports stop, the government of Bangladesh will be able to collect much more revenue than before. They will be able to use the money collected for the development of the country. Experts say the move should have been taken much earlier. Sources said that from July 21, 2021, illegal phones will no longer run on the network of Bangladesh.

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