Food in Trachea

Food in Trachea- What Should We Do?

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The inside of the throat is located almost side by side with the trachea and esophagus. So when food is taken, food does not go into the esophagus and many times food enters the trachea. That’s when our problem arises. If food enters the trachea without going into the esophagus and stays there for a long time, it can cause death.

So always take food with caution. Otherwise there will be life-and-death problems. When we eat food, our airways become covered automatically, food does not enter the airways normally. But when someone talks while eating, is preoccupied with some other thought, the food is likely to go into the airways.


Such problems are more common when eating biscuits and cakes. In children, food can often enter the airways. In that case, the tendency to bring food by putting hands in the mouth is seen in many. However, it is not the right method at all.

Bringing food with fingers inside the mouth is nothing but a foolishness. It is more likely to damage. When food enters the trachea and if the necessary steps are not taken in such a situation, the infected person tends to run towards death. Time is of the essence.

A method was invented in 1974 to pass food through the airways, which is a very effective invention. Following this method makes it possible to deal with unwanted situations very easily in the initial way. In the case of such problems, the first thing to do is to keep a cool head and give confidence to the affected person. Under no circumstances can you take the wrong step by heating your head.

In children, food can often enter the airways. In that case, the tendency to bring food by putting hands in the mouth is seen in many. However, it is not the right method at all. Click To Tweet

Care should be taken so that the affected person does not get scared in this situation. In this case, the back of the affected person should be straight and strong pressure should be applied between the chest and abdomen of the affected person. This pressure needs to be transmitted upwards so that the infected person coughs. As a result of coughing, the food that goes into the airways will come out with the cough. In this way it is possible to avoid unintended accidents.


In the case of a child, if food enters the trachea, the head of the body and the back of the body should be placed on the ground with the child or by the hand. Need to massage over the shoulders. If this does not work, lightly massage the baby’s abdomen so that coughing occurs and food comes out.


When an adult attacks himself and there is no one around to help him, he should hold the middle part of his chest and abdomen in a tight place. The pressure must be transmitted to the top. This will cause the infected person to cough and the food that has entered the airways through the cough will come out. This method, discovered in 1984, is very effective. If the condition of the infected person is serious, he should be rushed to the nearest hospital.


In many cases, too much deterioration can lead to death. So it is not right to ignore this issue in any way. We should not watch TV while eating. Avoid talking while eating. Also don’t worry about eating. Take small meals and drink water before meals. Drinking water before meals can easily get food into the esophagus. The process of food intake remains normal. Food cannot enter the airways easily if you follow this procedure.


Finally, it can be said that by taking care of these things while eating, we can avoid unintended accidents. We will know this well ourselves and make others aware of it. Many immediately became unconscious in this state. Always work with a cool head and take the right steps.


By following this method, which was invented in 1974, we can easily avoid unwanted situations and accidents. I will follow my own method properly and tell others to follow too. This process is very effective in saving lives.



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