Hard work, Development of Creativity and Government Action

Development of Creativity

It is not possible to achieve success without hard work. Hard work can turn a person’s life around. There are two types of labor – one is intelligent labor and the other is donkey labor. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do you want to work hard like a donkey, or do you want to succeed in your life by working hard? There are many strategies for intelligent work. But hardworking people like donkeys are never tactful. Those who work like donkeys have to spend their whole lives like donkeys. They can never improve in life.

We have seen many times that a man is working too hard but he is never improving. On the other hand, we see that some people are working hard but they are improving. The main difference between these two types of people is – one is intelligent hard worker and the other is hard working like a donkey. So before working, a person has to think about what kind of work he is doing and what method he should follow. Hard work is the key to success. We all know that. However, I would like to correct this word a little. That is – intelligent hard work is the mother of good fortune. The reason is that hard work like a donkey can never bring good luck in life. Students memorize many things without realizing it, many study blindly. But the main purpose of education they can never implement. As a result, they are in the next life
Can never succeed. On the other hand there are some students who study a little. But they understand everything they study. All of these students achieve success later in life. Memorization can never bring good for a student.

In studying, a student must focus on creative and intelligent subjects. A student must have a creative outlook. When a student moves forward with a creative outlook from an early age, the paths in front of him become smoother. Something new is created by him. For a student who does not have a creative attitude, it is never possible to discover something new.

Every school, college and university should take various steps to develop creativity. One of the means of developing creativity is to acquire practical knowledge. A special study found that students who had good practical knowledge developed their creativity faster. So there is no substitute for practical knowledge in developing creativity. Every school-college should introduce students to practical knowledge and play a leading role in developing the child’s talents. Because children are the future of the future. If they grow up beautifully, if their mental development and development of creativity is done properly, then in the future the world will get the gift of a beautiful nation. Developing creativity is a very important issue in building a beautiful nation.

Developing creativity leads to cultural, emotional and character improvement of a student. The development of creativity is not a common word, it means broad. Teachers in schools, colleges and universities should be trained to develop creativity. If a teacher does not understand the term “developing creativity”, he or she will not be able to give students a thorough idea. So teachers should be trained. When a teacher understands the scope of the term “developing creativity”, students will be enlightened through it. A society will be enlightened if students are enlightened. And if a society is enlightened, an entire state will be enlightened. Enlightened people need enlightened people to build a country. The development of creativity can play a leading role in creating those enlightened people.

It is important to change the teaching program to develop creativity. It is by no means possible to develop creativity with traditional teaching programs. The government should keep an eye on this matter. The government has already taken positive steps. We applaud the positive steps taken by the government to bring about change in the teaching program. At the same time, we strongly demand that all these steps be properly implemented.

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