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Health Risks to Auto-rickshaw Drivers

Today we will discuss about the health risks of auto-rickshaw drivers. We all know that health is the root of all happiness. Physical and mental health are being greatly affected by the widespread spread of science in the present age. Many do not notice that.

Electric auto-rickshaws are now seen everywhere in our country. The number of electric auto-rickshaws in our country is very high now. Although the amount of auto-rickshaws is very limited in big cities. But the amount of auto-rickshaws in mooseball and rural areas is very high. Auto-rickshaws have increased the speed of our travel.

It is noteworthy that the drivers who used to drive rickshaws through manual labor are now driving auto-rickshaws. A survey of electric auto-rickshaw drivers found that auto-rickshaw drivers who used to drive rickshaws had less disease in their body. But since the advent of electric auto-rickshaws, the incidence of disease among them has increased. The main reason for this is that in the past they used to do physical work all day long. But now they are not doing that physical work due to driving electric auto-rickshaws.

Therefore, the incidence of the disease among them has increased compared to the past. As we know, physical activity is a very important issue for every human being. When you don’t do physical work, a healthy normal person gets various diseases. People can survive from various diseases by doing physical work. So everyone should do physical work. We should get into the habit of doing physical work every day.

Modern technology improves us on the one hand, but on the other hand, we face a lot of losses. One of the reasons for this is the electric auto-rickshaw. Where previously the number of driver patients was low, now the number of driver patients has increased. Although the travel time of the passengers has been reduced a lot, the time has become much more economical. Not only electric auto-rickshaws, there are many other technologies that are causing us a lot of physical and mental problems. The amount of disease is increasing a lot.

Science is a blessing for us on the one hand and a lot of harm for us on the other. Those who drive electric auto-rickshaws will be urged to do physical work every day. Otherwise, they will have various diseases in the body. Those who drive such vehicles have less money. So if they are suffering from a complex disease, they do not have the money to treat it. So they should do any physical work every day. By doing this physical work, they will be able to survive from various diseases and live a beautiful life. If they do not work hard every day, they will suffer the consequences.

In this case they will not get the benefits of science but science will be the cause of loss for them. One of the means of transportation from one place to another is the electric auto-rickshaw. This saves passengers time and many drivers can earn money through it. In this case electric auto-rickshaw is a blessing for us. But we have to consider the loss aspect. The downside is the reduction in physical activity.

So we have to make up for this loss by doing physical work every day. Only then will we be able to enjoy the real benefits of science. Everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, science has its ups and downs. Each of us should embrace the good aspects of science and avoid the bad aspects.

Driving an electric auto-rickshaw for a long time and not doing physical work at the same time can lead to very big health risks later on. Electric auto-rickshaw drivers need to be made aware of this. They need to make sure that they drive auto rickshaws every day as well as do physical work. Then they will survive the big physical risks. Awareness leaflets should be distributed among auto-rickshaw drivers. They need to be well informed about the significance of physical labor.

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