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The Government of Bangladesh has now taken a different approach to the employment of women. They have taken initiative to set up beauty parlors in 60 upazilas of Bangladesh. Women go to beauty parlors to practice beauty. This beauty parlor is becoming very popular all over Bangladesh.


The government has decided to set up a beauty parlor to provide employment opportunities to women. At present, in almost every district and upazila of Bangladesh, even in rural areas, various beauty parlors can be seen. The government wants this issue to be further developed. So the government has undertaken a very big project in this regard.


The government has undertaken a project worth Rs 440 crore and is awaiting final approval. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has been given the responsibility to implement the project.

Women’s participation in the workplace is low. The government is taking all steps to increase the participation of women in the workplace. This step is basically to make women self-reliant.


The government has undertaken many major projects to give women the opportunity to work in beauty parlors, food corners and exhibition centers. The government will provide all the expenses for the construction of food corners, beauty parlors etc.


Only those who receive training through the government will have the opportunity to work there. The government is preparing women entrepreneurs to increase the participation of women in sales and exhibition centers as there is less participation. It is hoped that women will be made suitable for all jobs through official training.


This project will cover women who have passed SSC and HSC. The number of women entrepreneurs in the workplace in our country is very low. The government has decided that women in remote areas will be given the opportunity to become self-reliant and emerge as entrepreneurs.


There will be 5 to 10 people in a beauty parlor and there the women will get money from the government for setting up the beauty parlor. But they have to rent a beauty parlor. The government will give them the necessary training in this regard. They will be paid Rs. 150 per day for training. Loans will be arranged for them.


Women entrepreneurs often cannot take loans from banks. That issue has come up in the case of this project. It is hoped that the government will ensure that women entrepreneurs can easily avail bank loans. To make this project a success, a number of beauty parlors will be set up on a trial basis in a few designated upazilas of Bangladesh.


If this project of the government is considered successful in all those upazilas, then the project will spread to 60 upazilas later. In addition to setting up beauty parlors, food corners and exhibition centers will be opened.


Gradually, the project is expected to move forward. Through this, women will get success in their lives and the number of women entrepreneurs will increase a lot.


With the launch of this project, new women will be able to find employment in the field of employment. As a result, they no longer have to be a burden to society. They will be able to establish themselves from their own place. The Bangladesh government is committed to helping women in that regard.

The government’s project is expected to play a significant role for disadvantaged women. A high quality software will be created so that women can sell various products made by them. With this software they can easily sell their products.


The project will also create a database of how many disadvantaged women have been able to improve their fortunes through national women’s organizations, and how many are undergoing training, project sources said.


The Ministry of Planning has expressed an important view in this regard. They said that in order for the project to be truly successful, it is necessary to find out those who are actually disadvantaged and there should be transparency in this regard.

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