Book Fair Research Activities

My Thoughts on Book Fair, Research Activities & Our Education System


Book Fair Research Activities

Bangla Academy organizes book fairs every year. The Bangla Academy remains active throughout the month of February. The Bangla Academy premises are abuzz with crowds of book-loving people and writers.


Every year there are different stalls in Bangla Academy and various types of books are sold from there. Children’s books, rhyme books, poetry books, novels, essays, etc. are the main attractions of the Bangla Academy. Various writers, literary figures, novelists flocked to the Bangla Academy and encouraged reading books.


This work continues at the Bangla Academy throughout the month of February and has earned it the status of one of the cultural fairs in Bangladesh. To develop children as book lovers, their parents brought them to the Bangla Academy premises to buy books.


This initiative of Bangla Academy is highly commendable. Children and teenagers, young men and women flock to this book fair. The book fair turned into a fair of life in the month of February. Such a book fair needs to be organized to highlight the history and heritage of a country.


Only Bangladeshi books are available at the book fair, that is not the case. Different books from different countries are available here. Books on the history, heritage and culture of various remote areas of Bangladesh are available.


Bangla Academy publishes various books on its own. Without reading books, one cannot gain knowledge about the history, heritage and culture of any country. A nation can develop itself by reading books. You have to read books to stand tall in the world.


No nation has been able to stand tall in the court of the world without reading books, nor will it be able to in the future. For a better future, every human being should read more and more books and apply the knowledge gained from books in one’s field of work, social life and state life.


Various science fiction books are available at the book fair. These books are the main attraction for children and teenagers. Besides, books of various detective series are available. It is very important to read these books to develop children’s imagination. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the book fair last year. He told everyone to create a mindset to read books.


There is no substitute for reading books for the smooth development of a nation. A nation can reach the pinnacle of progress by reading books. For the advancement of knowledge and science, children and adolescents should read various books on science and keep an eye on the practical issues.


In many cases, children and adolescents in Bangladesh are very weak in practical matters. It is very difficult to impart practical knowledge about science to children in school-college. There are infrastructural weaknesses in our school colleges. But the present government is continuing its efforts to overcome the infrastructural weaknesses.


The interest of the students of the country in the field of research is much less. Many are interested again. Students cannot engage in research despite their interest. Students need to be motivated in research. Necessary equipment for research and all kinds of measures have to be taken by the government.


It is never possible to invent anything new without research. Bangladeshi students often travel abroad for research work and improve abroad. We have to create opportunities so that the students of our country can do high quality research from this country. Then the knowledge acquired by the meritorious students of this country can be used for the work and welfare of the country.


Otherwise, other countries will be developed by using the talents of the students of our country. Therefore, I think the government should pay more attention to research work and provide opportunities to the talented students of the country by creating high quality laboratories. Then we will be able to build the golden Bangladesh of dreams.

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