New style in bridal attire Latest News

New style in bridal attire Latest News

Latest News

The colors of the bride’s attire, the materials, the outfits  each one comes up in the discussion. This year, in a limited range of weddings, the bride’s sari is seen with neem or light lace work, silver jewelry. Katan’s veil can also be seen. And the outfit is light.

Extensive changes are seen in wedding planning to avoid coronary infection. During this time most of the weddings are arranged at home in a limited range. Limited marriages are going on now. However, in everything in the marriage, that domestic, family atmosphere has returned. Sincerity seems to have increased again in all the episodes including Gayehlud, marriage, bouvat.

The outfit also has a limited range of touches. Not too gorgeous, but sari, jewelry, make-up — everything is dominated by light softness. Meanwhile, every year some innovation is seen in Konesaj. This time too he is no exception. Sometimes the color of the dress, sometimes it is seen that the material of the bride’s dress has become discussed. Meanwhile, the bride has been wearing silver jewelry for several years. Similarly, neem or light lace work can be seen in the bride’s sari this year. Let’s have silver jewelry this year too. This will be associated with the use of pearls and stones. The use of katana orna can also be seen extensively. Makeup will have light tones. Not heavy, but light jewelry will dress the bride in a unique way.


New style in bridal attire Latest News


Gorgeous bride

The use of dresses like gowns or lehengas is now popular in organizing events like receptions. This kind of gorgeous dress is now being made in the country. Since the dress is gorgeous, light jewelry is suitable. Ethnic bride with open hair.

The traditional outfit in Beauvais

Here, too, light neem lace work is present in sarees, silver and pearls are also predominant in jewelery. Pull-tied hair and full kanesaj katana scarf.


Merry bride in Mehedi

The bride is no less fun to wear henna in wedding arrangements. There is also a separate program. On this day the bride can choose muslin sari. I would like a green sari. It may have silver lace work. On this day, no matter what color the bride wears gold or silver, the six shades of green in the jewelry will bring perfection.

Yellow bride in traditional attire

The bride’s sari is predominantly red, with yellow on the edges. The use of kraft paper and cloth has brought variety to the yellow jewelry. Sweet bride in tiara with her hair tied up and red bangles full of hands.

White Jamdani aristocracy

Jamdani means a touch of aristocracy in Konesaj. And if the color is white, then there is no point. An elegant bride dressed in silver pearls.

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