8 Things to Do to Help Your Loved One Through Recovery

recovery from drug addiction

Recovery from Addiction

Seeing your beloved struggling with addiction can be heart-wrenching. But to know that you can help them out with their stressful condition and lead them on to the right path is where your job begins. Close friends and family play a critical role during the recovery of their loved ones. A heartfelt conversation might help them out temporarily, but small talk isn’t enough when it comes to addiction.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, you may not be able to talk them into quitting all by yourself. You’ll need a source like Serenity at Summit that helps people with substance use disorders by providing recovery facilities to fight addiction more effectively.

Helping your loved ones through recovery can be quite demanding, but here’s how you can give them a push towards a healthy life.

recovery from drug addiction

·Don’t Dehumanize Them

Going through addiction is nothing less than a severe mental illness. Dealing with someone that is going through that condition can sometimes make you angry or irritated, which is completely normal. Besides that, taking care of yourself is also important. If you feel the necessity to lessen the contact with them for a short period of time, that might be good for both of you. But most importantly, you should understand the difference between limiting the connection with them and dehumanizing them.

Don’t treat them like they’re monsters, and don’t make them feel ashamed for calling out for help. Understand them, communicate with them and help them during this journey since there is no better support than from someone you love.

·Do Your Research

Your loved one can be led to addiction or fall back into the habit in front of your eyes, without even you noticing. This is why it is important to know the signs of relapse and how to help them take back control.

Give a thorough read to the informational sites online and educate yourself about the process of addiction and recovery so that you’re aware of how bad the situation is and how to handle it effectively. Recovering from addiction is one of the most difficult things a person can face. That is why you have to be prepared to help out and take care of your loved ones through this tough journey.

recovery from drug addiction

·Don’t Enable Their Behavior

Your loved one going through a painful withdrawal might cry and plead, wanting to have the substance. But at this point, you have to stay stern. Do not allow them access or enable their self-destructive behavior.

Be kind and helpful but avoid offering unconditional support to the point where they are only harming themself in the long run.

·Set Boundaries

Keep supporting your loved one with all your heart, but don’t forget to take care of your own mental and physical health. Explain to them how you’re there for them, but you will not provide any unconditional support that might harm them and yourself.

You should be honest and let them know at what level you’re able to help them and where they need to take responsibility. For example, you can refuse to lend them money but offer your guest room if they’re struggling with finances. The things that immensely make your own life difficult shouldn’t all be agreed to.

recovery from drug addiction

·Encourage Healthy Habits

The process of the betterment of your loved one’s routine and condition starts by making little changes. Encourage their positive behaviors and support them. Go for a morning walk with them or share a motivational story and guide them on how to stay active and healthy.

These activities can keep them sober and healthy while giving you a chance to communicate and bond with them. Talk with them as much as you can and allow them to share their feelings without feeling ashamed.

Remind them about their goals, motivate them to fulfill their dreams, and guide them on how they can work on them while recovering.

recovery from drug addiction

·Reduce Friction

Family conflicts can create a stressful environment for everyone. It can be a lot more unpleasant for your loved one trying to recover. Avoid picking up arguments and fighting in front of them since they shouldn’t be dealing with more pressure or stress and it might lead them to fall apart or continue the use of the substance.

Create a loving and welcoming space and let them see your efforts so they’re motivated towards a happy, healthy, and recovered life. Make them feel welcome and comfortable, instead of embarrassing them or making them feel ashamed.

·Reduce Environmental Triggers

During the recovery, your loved one should stay completely away from all intoxicating substances. Being around alcohol or drugs can make be tempting and they may lose control leading to relapse.

Remove anything triggering from their surroundings and give them an environment that helps them focus on positive and productive activities.

recovery from drug addiction

·Practice Patience

Addiction is nothing less than a hurtful disease. Recovering from it takes place gradually and a speedy change is least expected. It is a lifelong process, for which you have to stay patient and help out your loved one while taking care of your own self first. If you’re not relaxed and healthy, you can’t change someone else’s state either.

According to several studies, most addicts relapse in the first year of recovery but the chances of relapse become less over time. Good things will always take time, but you have to be patient and supportive.


Addiction is an awful state for any human being to go through. It harms not only the person but their loved ones as well.

You and your beloved might lose hope a few times during the process but being patient and consistent is the only way to head to the road to recovery. Do not give up on them and keep helping them out of this stressful phase of life. Millions of people that were once struggling are now living a healthy life. So, keep faith that your loved one can recover too. Keep on motivating them and watch them become wonderful, happy, and healthy once again!