Students Will Get 2 gb Internet for Free: What about Bangladesh?

2 gb Internet

The Government of Tamil Nadu, India has taken a new decision for the benefit of the students. Arrangements have been made to provide 2gb internet to the students so that they can join the online class every day without any hindrance. The government’s decision is welcomed by students and parents as it is an effective step for students.


Various institutions around the world are now closed. Until the situation becomes normal, all educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities are closed. Online classes are now running in various countries so that students around the world do not have to stop studying.


School, college and university studies are conducted through internet. But in underdeveloped countries students are not able to attend classes properly as they do not have the required internet connection.


The underdeveloped countries are not able to arrange a good network. Due to this the teaching process is not easily available to everyone. There are many students in schools, colleges and universities who cannot afford the internet. Many people cannot buy laptops and smartphones due to lack of money.


Not everyone in the village is getting the facilities of online class. The weakness of the network is comparatively more in the villages. Due to this the students of the village are not able to use the opportunity of online class equally.


Poor students in different countries of the world are being deprived of the real benefits of online. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has given good news for the students. The Chief Minister said that the students will get free internet connection. The Tamil Nadu government has decided to provide 2GB of internet per day for students. This arrangement will continue till April 2021 by the State Government of South India.


Students of most government colleges and arts, science, engineering and polytechnic colleges in Tamil Nadu are taking online classes. Judging by Corona’s situation, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to provide online classes and now has decided to provide free internet to everyone.


Corona causes high mortality and infection rates in India. For a long time different areas of India were under lockdown. The Government of India has taken various steps to combat the corona outbreak and has developed a number of vaccines.

The Government of India hopes that the vaccine will be a success in the case of the Corona virus.

Various state governments in India have made arrangements to teach students online. As long as a beautiful and healthy environment is not created in the school for the students, these online class activities will continue.


Although there are network weaknesses in various places, the government is taking steps to overcome them. The Bangladesh government is buying the necessary devices for online classes for poor students.


Many students have been assisted during coronation from the university. In fact now the world is going through its time in a difficult moment. No one can say how long it will be possible to overcome this situation.


Trials of the corona virus vaccine have begun on a large scale in different countries of the world. No country has yet begun vaccinating against the measles virus on a large scale.


It remains to be seen how effective the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization will be in humans. New strains of the Coronavirus are being found in different parts of the world these days. It is being reviewed whether the approved vaccines will be effective against those new strains.

If the government of Bangladesh, like the government of Tamil Nadu in India, provided their students with 2 GB of internet per day, the students would have benefited greatly.

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