Suez Canal: The Name of the Link Between Europe and Asia

The Suez CanalThe Suez Canal is a word familiar to all. This is an artificial stream. It is built to facilitate communication between Europe and Asia. There was no means of communication between Europe and Asia in the early days. To travel from Asia to Europe, one had to cross the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.

Trade and commerce in Europe would suffer a lot. So everyone thought, how to improve the communication system between Europe and Asia. So they built an artificial stream. This is today’s Suez Canal. The most lucrative trading centers in Europe were located in Asia. But the Europeans could not get much benefit by going to Asia due to poor transportation. So they took this step.

Internationally, this canal was very important. Commercial facilities have greatly increased since the opening of the Suez Canal. Communication between the countries of Europe and Asia has been improved through this canal. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Egypt. The Suez Canal is located near the Egyptian seaport of Saeed and was built at sea level. The length of the Suez Canal is about 193.30 km.

When it was built, many trade agreements between Europe and Asia began to be completed. In fact, Africa is separated from Asia and Europe. Africa became very isolated from these two continents. The South Atlantic Ocean was not used after the Suez Canal was discovered. They had to use the Atlantic Ocean for trade and travel 7,000 kilometers, but the Suez Canal alleviated much of their suffering.

Trade was facilitated by the construction of this canal. The Suez Canal Authority controlled everything in the Suez Canal. Any country in the world can use the Suez Canal, even in times of war all countries can use it. All countries were allowed to use it. But for various reasons, the authorities failed to control its proper use.

The Suez Canal in Egypt is nothing new. This is the name of a man-made subject. But people had the idea long ago. The Suez Canal was inaugurated on November 17, 189, and a new chapter in the Middle East began with the construction of the Suez Canal. It became an important international route for the British. The crisis began in 1855 when the United Kingdom took ownership of the Suez Canal. At that time, the Egyptians controlled various parts of the United Kingdom. The British gained independence in 1906 through the Egyptian Treaty. Even then the Suez Canal was owned by the British.

The army left Egypt through negotiations between the Egyptian and British governments. Later, control of the Suez Canal passed to Egypt. In 1956 a new kind of crisis began with it. Jamal Abdel Nasser became a popular figure in Egypt. Because he protected the Suez Canal from the British and established his own control. But the United Kingdom, France and Israel continue to plan wars against them. Eventually they invaded and took possession of the Suez Canal, a military alliance of France, the United Kingdom and Israel.

But outraged by the incident, the Soviet Union threatened. They say if the military alliances of the United Kingdom, France and Israel do not withdraw their troops, they will launch a nuclear attack on Europe. They are unhappy with the deployment of troops in Egypt without US permission and threaten to impose international economic sanctions. As a result, the situation worsened in the United Kingdom, France and Israel. They withdrew their troops and the Suez Canal was recaptured by Egypt. However, Egypt opened a way for Israel.

There have been many clashes between Egypt and Israel since then. A war broke out between Israel and Egypt in 1967 over the Suez Canal. The main reason was that they wanted to take control of the Suez Canal. When the Egyptian government withdrew UN troops from the peninsula, Israel launched an offensive there. They occupied some areas of eastern Egypt. There were bloody clashes for six days.

At one point, the Egyptian government announced the closure of the Suez Canal, leaving many countries’ ships stranded there year after year. The situation was later brought under control with the intervention of the United Kingdom and the United States, and the Suez Canal was re-secured.

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