Tips for getting the most out of your EHR

Electronic Health Records

If you have just switched your medical records to Electronic Health Records or have been using EHR for your medical system, then you might be looking for tips for getting the most out of your EHR.

The integration of EHR would be challenging for any medical system. As it is helpful, the process can take a long time to complete. But as a medical health provider, if you want to make the most of EHR, you must need to familiarize yourself and know how medical credentialing services can help you in benefiting you with EHR. the required information. So without further ado, read the next part of the article where we have compiled essential tips to take the maximum advantage of EHR in the electronic healthcare system.


Tips for getting the most out of Your EHR

Many medical practitioners come across healthcare pitfalls when they first start implementing EHRs normally in the system.

For instance, most of the time, staff members are not educated enough to get familiar with the software or the system easily. Often doctors find themselves struggling with the electronic entries of patients’ information and juggling with different features of the EHR system. Therefore, reading these tips will help spend less time making transactions and overcoming the possible obstacles that you might come across in the future;


1. Utilize electronic features to the fullest

Reducing paperwork and digitizing every record is the biggest benefit of an EHR system. But other than saving time and making everything digital, there are many other features that EHR provides that prominently improve medical practices. These features include;

  • Integration of information sources: Patient information is used across the laboratories and other hospital departments. Using EHR software it is possible to cut down the time wasted in getting the accurate details and patient data from one department to another in the form of papers. Through EHR software, the data can be easily transferred to accessible points. Whether your doctor needs X-ray reports, Scans, CAT, or any other report, it is available on the HER software and can be accessed whenever and wherever an authorized person wants. As they are available across the platforms in EHR format.
  • E-prescription: This feature enables patients to no longer carry the paper prescription to pharmacies. This eventually smoothes the process of back and forth traveling and keeping the records along.
  • Telemedicine – The telemedicine feature in the EHR system is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. This feature allows you to communicate with patients in quarantine or who cannot visit a doctor due to health complications.


2. Utilizing the mobile EHR feature

Another advantage that one must know and use is the EHR mobile feature. Being a doctor you need to remain available for the patients even if you are off-duty. Since EHR systems are electronic and can be used on multiple devices and accessed multiple times, if a patient with a medical emergency needs to ask a question, you can have all their data on your mobile phone and provide the instant advice they need.


3. Offers guidance and training to physicians

While there is no simple way to learn the features, you can have it all by using and utilizing the system in your media facility to get familiarized with it on a daily basis. However, training your staff would also be a burnout exercise. Here medical credentialing services can help you get through the process easily. They can handle your day-to-day EHR tasks.

Whether you do or you don’t want to outsource EHR tasks, you need to train your medical staff with free training and continuous support that HER software provides within its features.


4. Focus more on your patient, not on the screen

Getting to know the EHR system can distract you from listening to your patient. If your balance gets out of the time that you spend on your patient and the time you give to the computer screen, this will eventually affect the patient-doctor relationship. To listen to the patient and find accuracy in care;

  • Give complete and undivided attention to your patient while they are about to share some sensitive information
  • Take notes on how much you should be spending time on-screen and how much with your patient
  • Make eye contact while giving attention to your patient
  • Engage the patient and make them satisfied throughout the entire conversation
  • Keep your hands away from the mouse and the keyboard.
  • While you enter the data into the computer, keep talking to the patient to familiarize them with the process. Such as what specifics they have to tell you for a better treatment
  • Put your finger on the screen while reading the date/scan/reports to engage the patient and involve them in their diagnosis.
  • Keep informing your patients about what you are entering and what you are doing on the computer
  • When a patient is talking try not to interrupt
  • Adjust the timing for every patient you care for.

5.    Encourage your patient to use the EHR patient portal

A patient portal is one amazing feature that enables patients to see and monitor their reports and records and see their treatment history online. While you are encouraging your patients to use EHR online, inform them of the advantages of using the online service and guide them on how to use it from the comfort of their homes. Remind them every time how accessible it is in healthcare service provision.


6.    Enter patient’s information once they are left

It is important to build the patient-doctor relationship. This is why we have pressed the concern multiple times. It is essential to understand the queries of a patient. Ask every time for the data you need and take permission to add or store their personal information in the system before storing them. Be polite. Sometimes patients are not well enough or they cannot deliver the information you want. Try finding them in your system and make the most of it.


7.    Customize the system

The EHR system allows you to customize the features you want on your desk for your patient. However, not every size indeed fits all, you can make templates for reports, put the required features on the desktop, and customize the app as you like.


There are so many benefits of using an EHR system in your medical practice. To make sure that you are having enough advantages, it is essential to familiarize yourself with it.