Unemployment and the Social Status of Unemployed Youth

Unemployment and the Social StatusUnemployment is a curse for the people, for the nation. Especially for the youth community. Unemployed youths suffer from family and mental turmoil due to this unemployment. They have no value to the people of the society.
An unemployed person gets various insults from his family. An unemployed youth has nothing to say in society. University bakeries in some countries. Students are being made unemployed youth.

Today I will tell you the story of an unemployed boy. The boy’s home was next to the zoo. The boy used to roam around the zoo. One day the zoo tiger died. He got the news and thought that if the zoo had given him a job without importing a new tiger, his unemployment would have gone down.
One day I met another zoo official and he told me about his job. He told them if he could be given a job at the zoo. The official told him that a tiger had died a few days before their zoo and that if he wanted to, he would have to play a role in replacing that dead tiger at the zoo. That means he will be dressed as a tiger and he will have to behave like a tiger.

The boy thought it would eliminate his unemployment. So he accepted the job without hesitation. He started his career by playing the role of a tiger in the zoo. He started giving joy to various people. The crowd in front of the tiger cage at the zoo began to grow more. For this reason, the zoo official increased his salary.

One day when he went to show the game, the old iron wall of the zoo broke down and he fell into another cage. That raw was the lion’s. He was very scared when he saw the lion. He thought the lion would kill him today. Fearing death, he sat down in a corner of the cage and began to count the death toll.
The lion saw the work of the tiger-like man and came towards him. The boy was very frightened when he saw the lion coming forward. The lion approached him and said, “There is nothing to be afraid of, I am a lion-like man like you.” The boy was stunned for a while and then his fear of death disappeared.

The main theme of this incident is unemployment. The universities of our country are creating unemployment. Universities are now being built in the districts of the country. Our universities are being built for students. But there are serious questions about university education. If we continue to move forward like this, such incidents may happen in the future. This is not unusual.

There are many educated youth in our country who look for jobs but do not get them. University students are one of them. Many work with very low paid jobs. Again many are entrepreneurs. University teachers should provide practical advice about students’ careers. Students need to do something on their own, not just run after jobs.
Currently, there are many students who are working as entrepreneurs themselves without running after jobs. These entrepreneurs are giving jobs to many unemployed youth and have made a name for themselves as entrepreneurs. I think the school teaching process should be changed. It is necessary to increase the quality of the university without creating more universities. I think if the quality of the university is not right, the education system will gradually collapse and the number of unemployed will increase.

Many choose to commit suicide because they cannot bear the brunt of unemployment. Unemployment is a curse for a nation. If the education system is the root cause of unemployment, then I think that education system should be changed. Finally, I would like to say that there is no alternative to career oriented education. The university should focus on that career-oriented education.

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