Vaccine Import Possibilities: Background of Bangladesh


Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that the vaccine against coronavirus will be released in Bangladesh by January. He said that almost all the processes are over. The probable date of arrival of the vaccine in the last week of January or the first week of February, which was already fixed. It is expected to be approved by the government very soon. This was said in the speech of the chief guest on the occasion of recognizing the United States of Bangladesh as the 20th in the world in 2019 and the first place in South Asia. The event was held on Wednesday at the BCPS Auditorium Institute. He said work on a vaccine for the corona virus was expected to begin by the end of January. He mentioned that the approval process will be completed by the government very soon. The government health department is trying its best to prevent corona virus infection. Health Minister Zahid Malek said there was no holiday in the health ministry when people from all over the country were on lockdown. He said the people and officials of the health ministry have continued their activities. Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that the vaccine may be available in late January or earlier. Secretary of Bangladesh Health Education Department Mohammad Ali Noor, President of BCS Prof. Dr. Kazi Deen Mohammad, President of BMA Dr. Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin, President of Private Medical College Association Dr. Mobin Khan, President of Swachip Dr. MA Aziz, Director General of Health Education Department Prof. Dr. Director General of the Department of Administration Major General Mahbubur Rahman spoke on the occasion.
Coronavirus is thought to have originated in 2019 in China’s Wuhan Province. So far no effective vaccine against the corona virus has been discovered. Vaccines have been discovered in many countries but none have been able to play an effective role. There are also many questions in the minds of the people about the vaccines that have been discovered so far. There are many questions about the ability of these vaccines to fight the coronavirus. Although it is expected to be effective, it is not known exactly how effective it will be. Although the vaccine for corona virus is said to arrive in Bangladesh in the last week of January or the first week of February, it is a matter of concern whether it will come at all or how long it will take for the vaccine to be approved by the government and when it will be distributed. However, the coronavirus vaccine will be given very soon, according to sources in the Ministry of Health.
It should be noted that the coronavirus has completely ruined the lives of ordinary people as well as the education system. Although corona virus infection has not been detected in Bangladesh like in European countries, but how much of the coronavirus will spread in January or February and what will we do if the outbreak of the virus is very high? -All types of educational institutions including colleges have been announced to be closed. Everyone has been asked to wear a mask and all service providers have been brought under the ‘No Mask No Service’ program.
Various programs have been taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent corona virus. Everyone is urged to abide by the rules of hygiene. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has encouraged all to wear masks and urged all to abide by the health care rules.
People who do not wear masks are urged to refrain from providing services. Online programs have been taken to prevent coronavirus, online services are being provided in various fields to combat coronavirus. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask to keep themselves free from the corona virus and to prevent people around them from being infected with the corona. International health organizations have called for compliance with healthcare regulations.
Although the number of infected patients in Bangladesh is initially high at the beginning of coronavirus infection, the number of infected patients is relatively low in the middle of coronavirus infection. But the number of patients infected with the second phase corona virus is now increasing comparatively.

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