10 Habits That Keep You From Losing Weight

Losing Weight

You go to the gym and eat only vegetables and fruits, but it doesn’t work? You might be making certain mistakes that are preventing you from losing weight. In this article, www.fitnessdoc.net will let you know about the most common habits that ruin all your weight loss efforts. Check out this list and get rid of bad habits immediately.

Weight Loss Mistakes

The following are some mistakes you might be making while trying to lose weight. It is high time you quit them and achieve your goal.

Your Food Portions Are Too Big

Even if you eat right, this does not mean that you should not keep portion sizes under control. Remember that even healthy and clean food has calories! Therefore, the first tip is to fill half of your plate with vegetables.

Yes, you might find them more expensive than other foods. But if you want a beautiful figure, you have to disturb your wallet a little. If you eat cereals (rice, buckwheat, bulgur) or pasta, the serving size should be no larger than your fist.

You Avoid Unsaturated Fats

When we avoid fat, the body begins to require more carbohydrates as it also needs energy. Not all fats are included in the “forbidden to eat” list. We say a resounding no to trans fats and pay attention to foods containing unsaturated fats – nuts, flax seeds, avocados, and vegetables stewed in olive oil. They are healthy for your body and also aid in weight loss.

You Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

You can keep a strict diet for a whole week, and on the weekends you go on a break. You either go to your friend’s birthday, or the opening of a new club, or gatherings with friends. And all such gatherings invariably include alcohol. But you may not be aware that drinking alcohol in excess will put all your weight loss efforts in vain.

Firstly, it greatly slows down the metabolism, and secondly, it has so many calories and sugar that it is better to give up drinking. If you are not able to stop yourself from drinking, it is high time to get professional help. Through medical detoxification, acute intoxication and withdrawal are conducted under the care of a medical team.

Experts believe that medical detox makes the withdrawal process easier for an addict and minimizes the risk of immediate relapse. Therefore, if you are suffering from severe addiction, medical detox may be the right treatment for you. But it is important to follow your doctor’s advice to recover soon.

You Don’t Ask About The Ingredients Of Your Meal

Coming to a restaurant and choosing a dish for dinner or lunch, it is better to discuss the details of its preparation with the waiter. Otherwise, your steak may end up being fried in a lot of oil, which adds unnecessary calories and fat to your diet. It is better to order grilled vegetables or meat, and ask for the sauce to be served separately to control what you eat.

You Are Unable To Say No To Soda

Did you know that cola contains a dye that can cause cancer, and it can also contain synthetic estrogen? And citrus-flavored sodas contain substances that are used in rocket fuel, and they can adversely affect human reproductive health. So just fall in love with water and green tea – it will be much more beneficial for both health and figure.

You Buy Diet Sweets All The Time

Every time you’re craving cookies, you go out and buy diet sweets, doing yourself a disservice. They also contain sugars that will cause a breakdown in the diet of even the most disciplined person.

In addition, they are not as tasty as regular sweets, and you will definitely eat more than you expected. So it’s better to eat regular sweets if you feel like it, but watch your portion carefully.

You Eat Too Fast

Yes, we are all very busy and often eat on the run, but this path does not lead to anything good. After all, we snack on harmful snacks or stop by cafes. And in the evening we arrange a feast for ourselves at home, because during the day we were half-starved.

There is one good trick: carry food with you in a container, and when you feel hungry, eat half the serving, slowly. Then put off food for half an hour and do your work, and if the feeling of satiety has not come, after half an hour you can safely eat up a portion.

You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein saturates the body, preventing overeating. Try desserts, such as cottage cheese flavored with low-calorie jam with coffee, not chocolates or marshmallows. It will be sweet for you, and you will quickly get enough, so there will no longer be thought about a chocolate bar.

And one more thing: protein is the main building material for muscles. And the more muscles a person has, the more his body burns energy to serve them even at rest.

You Don’t Eat Regularly

It is necessary to eat fractionally several times a day. But you skip breakfast because you can’t bring yourself to eat in the morning, and you have too much work in the afternoon to afford a full meal.

But in the evening, do you arrange a high-calorie dinner for yourself, and even eat at night while watching a series? Well, you are not following the right routine and this way you will never lose weight.

You Eat When You’re Nervous

At work, you feel anxious and you grab a chocolate bar? Your friends ditch you and you start the night vigil at the fridge? Stop immediately, because it will end badly for your figure. Just drink plenty of water and breathe deeply. You need to calm yourself down not with food but by doing some healthy activities, such as yoga!

This article would have helped you quit habits that are being obstacles to your slim figure.