Moving a Parent with Dementia to Aged Care Homes

aged care home

 Aged Care Homes

A parent with dementia needs extra care as there are changes of behavior you can encounter along the journey. With the help of professionals, they know how to deal with possible aggressive behavior and in meeting other needs. It will be an emotional and challenging process but will do good for the elders.

aged care home

What is an Aged Care Home?

An aged care home is a perfect place for parents with dementia to get better each day. It provides a variety of services which include dementia care and other leisure activities suitable for seniors. The elders will live in a comfortable room and also have access to essential amenities at any time. A library, garden, and dining room are just a few examples.

aged care home

This type of dementia home is assisted by professional caretakers. They are knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with patients. It could be health services, such as medical care and counseling.

Families are also allowed to visit their loved ones to see their present condition. It is also to ease homesickness, especially with the seniors. There is a place for the visitors not to disturb the other patients.

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Best Ways to Select an Aged Care Home

Moving a family member to an aged care home demands so much decision-making. It takes time to prepare a loved one physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, here are effective tips to choose the right dementia care for your loved ones:

Have a Long Term Plan

Memory loss is not new when a person ages. In the case of a parent diagnosed with dementia, it is vital to have plans right after knowing the diagnosis. The next moves will depend on the level of memory loss.

Start looking for an aged care home when the illness is still mild. It would be easier to make your loved one understand the situation in the early stages of dementia. This also makes the moving day smoother.

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The best sign to move a parent with dementia is when it can no longer live alone at home safely. There must be an extra level of care that only experts can provide. The patient should move into a healthy community or a reliable aged care home immediately. This is to avoid any difficulties like putting lives in harm when the illness gets worse.

The latter stages of dementia would be harder to manage. For instance, it is difficult to make the patient understand why he/she must move into an assisted home. You can tell the moving day whenever the patient is ready and make sure to involve family members in decision-making.

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Choosing the Right Aged Care Home For Memory Care

Each aged care home has a different approach in helping a parent with dementia. Families should know what care system the facility has specialized to ensure faster recovery for their loved ones. This is more challenging than the moving process as the whole journey depends on your choices.

You can consider visiting the facility to inspect how things work. It could take several times of visitation to finally decide which one is best for your loved ones. It involves familiarizing the staff and other residents thus you must interact with them from time to time. This will add up confidence that you are picking the right place for your parents with dementia.

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Moving Day Schedule

After selecting an aged care home, the next thing to do is to schedule the moving day. Know when is the best time to move, either morning or afternoon. It is necessary to select a time of moving that is less stressful for the patient. That being said, most families prefer moving out early in the morning to allow elders to rest at night. One more thing is to consider the patient’s current mood as it can affect the moving if he/she already feels exhausted.

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Bring Memorable Stuff

Since the patient will be living in a new place, missing the old home is normal even with a person that has lost their memory. Start by asking the staff about the room’s space not to mistakenly bring too many things. Get permission if you can add something in the room, like a chair, bed, and music player. It is additionally not healthy to directly ask the patient what to bring as it may trigger the illness.

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This moving process is not only hard for the patient but more for those who are left behind. It will be both a physical and emotional transition but some counselors can help.

The counselor will help you process everything. Again, it is never easy to be separated from a loved one for a long time, especially those dealing with dementia. It is important to engage yourself with a counseling program to know your next steps.

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Active Communication with the Staff

Family members know the patient very well. The staff will understand the patient as well through conversations so that they can come up with solutions. It will also resolve confusion and prevent any difficulties with the patient.

Final Thoughts

Aged Care provider in Geelong guarantees to deliver the best possible care for your loved ones. It could help people with dementia to process emotional and mental stresses healthily. Therefore, family members will have nothing to worry about as their loved ones are in good hands. Remember the above tips to land on the right aged care facility for your budget and needs.