Chronic Sinusitis CT Scan | Procedure | Duration | Safety

chronic sinusitis ct scan

Chronic Sinusitis CT Scan


Sinusitis Computed Tomography (CT) Scan:

Sinusitis is one of the most common problems to the people of the world. In case of most complicated sinusitis, physicians suggest you radiologic imagery or CT scan. Chronic sinusitis refers to long-term sinus infection-inflammation. It often develops to a prolonged or refractory acute sinus infection.

In the procedure of Computed tomography (CT) scan, doctors try to evaluate and observe your paranasal sinus cavities. Doctors use special type of x-ray equipment to evaluate your conditions of the sinus.

CT scanning technique is more reliable to determine obstructed the sinuses. Click To Tweet

Sinusitis CT scan is painless and accurate. The most important point in this scan is – “It is noninvasive (noninvasive techniques like ultrasound)”.

This CT scanning technique is more reliable to determine obstructed the sinuses. Doctors recommend it as the best imaging modality for sinusitis.


Why do you need Chronic Sinusitis CT Scan?

  • You will get much more detailed information about the anatomy of the paranasal sinuses.
  • It will provide you information about the abnormalities of the paranasal sinuses.

  • To detect the sinus pathology, CT scan is more sensitive than plain radiography.
  • This scan will give you details information about the sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses also.
  • CT scan provides more useful information than the radiographic series tests and the cost is not too high for this scanning.
  • Sinusitis CT Scan is very useful for the diagnosis and management of chronic or recurrent sinusitis.
  • Identification of sinuses that have are filled with fluid and structural abnormalities
  • Inflammation or infection detection will be very easy for the doctors.
  • You will get a good overview of your sinus conditions throughout the sinusitis CT scan.


Sinusitis CT Scan Images

chronic sinusitis ct scan

Procedure of Chronic Sinusitis CT Scanning:

Doctor setup the position of the patients on the chronic sinusitis CT scan examination table. There are mainly two types of position in case of sinusitis CT scan. They are –

  1. Lying flat on the back position
  2. Face-down with the chin elevated position
  • To maintain the correct position of the patient doctor can suggest you to use a pillow
  • Some patients require an injection of a contrast material
  • To enhance the visibility of certain tissues or blood vessels, contrast material may be used in case of some patients.

A technologist or a nurse will insert an intravenous(IV) injection into a small vein in the patient’s hand or arm.

  • To determine the correct starting position for scanning, an automatic system will move the examination table through the scanner.
  • The examination table will move slowly through the machine to perform the sinusitis CT scan. The machine can create several passes. It mainly depends on the type of CT scan.
  • Doctor will suggest you to hold your breath and not to move body during the scanning. Movement of the body can effect on the quality of the images of sinuses.
  • Move from the exam table after the instruction of the technologist or nurse. Doctor will see the images of the scanning. If the images are perfect, then technologist will permit you to move from the bed.
Sinusitis CT scan is painless and accurate. Click To Tweet

Duration of the Chronic Sinusitis CT scan:

Actually sinusitis CT scan takes less than a minute to take all the images from your sinuses. The total process usually takes 10 minutes.


Before Chronic Sinusitis CT scan, you should inform your doctor about the following matters if you have:

  • Pregnancy
  • Allergies problem
  • Other recent illnesses
  • Medical conditions of your health
  • Medications or medicines you’re taking
CT scan provides more useful information than the radiographic series tests and the cost is not too high for this scanning. Click To Tweet

Follow some steps before doing Chronic Sinusitis CT scan:

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing.
  • Drink or eat anything for a few hours according to doctor’s instruction.
  • Take medications to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Please don’t wear any kind of metal object.

 Is Chronic Sinusitis CT Scan Safe For Us?

Safety Issue: Actually it depends on the radiation level of the CT scan. Some CT scanner make low dose of radiation and it is safe for your body. This type of low radiation has rarely negative effects on your health.

For the pregnant women, it is not good. You know babies are more sensitive to any kind of radiation. When a pregnant woman will take a CT scan, it will affect her unborn babies.

To get a good image of sinuses, CT scan is very important. To get a good and proper treatment from any physician CT scan is effective in case of severe condition.