How Can You Get Straight Teeth?

Many people desire that iconic Hollywood smile. After all, your smile is more than an expression; it’s an important social asset.

According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 85% of participants reported that an unattractive smile could lower your appeal. Furthermore, 74% reported that it could even hurt your career prospects.

How To Achieve The Perfect Smile?

Your smile is one of the first things anyone notices about your appearance, and a perfect smile makes a perfect first impression. However, not everyone is born with straight, pearly white teeth. Misaligned, slanted, and overlapping teeth are all common problems that can affect your confidence and may even force you to hide your smile.

Thankfully, with modern dentistry, achieving a picture-perfect smile is no longer a far-fetched dream. Most celebrities who sport a charming smile got it designed by a dentist, and you can do it too.

A quick Google search reveals that the dental service industry is valued at $162 billion in terms of the revenue it brings to the US economy. Given these staggering statistics, you won’t have trouble finding an excellent dentist for an orthodontics procedure anywhere in the US, whether you live in Maine, Idaho, North Carolina, or Texas. For instance, to find the best Orthodontics in North Carolina, you can read online testimonials and ask family and friends for trusted references.

Today we have put together a list of ways to achieve straight, perfectly-aligned teeth. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Four Ways To Achieve Straight Teeth

Applying uniform pressure to teeth causes them to shift into their proper alignment, and this procedure is known as orthodontic tooth movement. Orthodontists often use metal braces, clear aligners, and dental retainers to help you achieve straight teeth. Another treatment is the instant smile therapy which can get you your desired results much faster than other treatment options.

In most cases, these treatments can easily get you the desired results. Dental surgery is better for those with serious jaw alignment and bites issues. Following is a brief rundown of the best ways to achieve aligned teeth.

  1. Dental Braces

In most cases, dental braces are the first line of treatment for orthodontic issues such as malocclusion (crooked teeth) or a misaligned bite. Traditional braces were made of metal, uncomfortable to wear, and conspicuous. Nowadays, braces are far more discreet and a lot less noticeable. Smaller brackets affixed to each tooth make them almost inconspicuous, or they can also be attached to the back of the teeth, which can completely hide their appearance. Most brackets are made up of three materials, which are: metal, ceramic, or lingual.

Metal braces are functional and inexpensive, but they are quite unsightly. On the other hand, Ceramic braces are a bit expensive but a lot less conspicuous, although they may experience discoloration over time. Lastly, lingual braces almost appear invisible to the eye but are significantly more costly than the other two options.

The average treatment timeline for this orthodontic treatment is 24 months, but it can take longer. It takes about 90 to 120 minutes to apply braces, and once done, you’ll have to see your dentist every 6-12 weeks for regular sessions and adjustments.

  1. Dental aligners

Clear dental aligners are a more inconspicuous alternative to metal braces, and they are used to gradually shift your teeth into the right position to treat a malocclusion.  They can straighten teeth without the need for any metal brackets and wires.

They are best for light to moderate dental misalignment. When you visit the orthodontist, they’ll first take impressions of your teeth to create a mold that will be used to create the custom aligner trays. It’s common to experience a little discomfort when you first start using the tray as they exert pressure on your teeth to guide them into proper positions. However, the pain won’t last longer than three to four days as you get used to the trays. Your dentist will change your tray every two weeks to continue the alignment.

The trays must be worn continuously for 22 hours daily for the best possible results since teeth require steady pressure to shift.

  1. Instant smile treatment

Instant smile treatment is a quick orthodontic treatment for those with misaligned teeth who don’t suffer from bite problems and gum diseases. It is an effective solution for correcting dental flaws such as teeth overlap, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked or slanted teeth, discoloration, and tooth damage.

It’s perfect for anyone who wishes to attain the glamorous Hollywood smile without braces and aligners. This treatment can realign your teeth and fix your dental flaws in as little as two sessions, whereas traditional orthodontic treatment can take two years or even longer to straighten your teeth and deliver the desired results.

Instant smile treatment involves porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and bonding to straighten your teeth and deliver the same results as traditional treatments without taking a long time. The treatment timeline varies for every patient based on the complexity of their case. This straightening treatment is more effective if the malocclusion only affects the front teeth.

However, you can only be considered for this treatment if you have good oral hygiene and no major issues. To determine if this treatment is right for you, consider whether the misalignment only affects the front teeth.

Do you have good dental hygiene, including healthy gums? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes,’ then you can opt for this treatment and get perfect teeth without relying on traditional procedures.

  1. Dental retainers

A dental retainer is an oral device designed to be worn over your teeth once you’re done with your orthodontic treatment, whether braces or aligners. It is essential to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment to maintain the new alignment of your teeth, as it ensures your teeth remain in their new positions.

Your teeth constantly shift positions as you age, a natural phenomenon known as mesial drift. With retainers, you can prevent your teeth from moving from their ideal alignment and help them maintain their proper position.

According to dental experts, you need to wear retainers full-time for at least six months after your treatment, and then you must wear them nightly for the rest of your life to maintain their alignment.


Bottom Line

If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or otherwise improperly aligned, it may affect more than just your confidence in your looks; it can also significantly affect your dental health. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments may help you straighten your teeth and achieve the smile of your dreams.

However, it is crucial to carefully consider all the options available to you before opting for treatment. After all, perfectly aligned teeth boost your confidence and improve your dental hygiene. Consider the above-discussed ways before deciding which straightening option you should choose.