How to Become A Certified Sleep Science Coach?

Certified Sleep Science Coach

Sleep Science Coach: Certification Program

Are you interested in learning how to become a Certified Sleep Science Coach, but aren’t sure where to start? Sleep Science Coach Certification Program by Spencer Institute will help you to develop a deep and relevant understanding of sleep, sleep disorders, and insomnia and improve your ability to provide optimal sleep coaching for your clients.

This Sleep Science Coach (SSC) certification program is designed for those who want to help others improve their sleep. No prior experience is necessary — just a desire to learn about and teach about sleep.

This course will empower you with a new way of thinking about your insomnia, depression, and other behavioral issues so that you can take your passion for health and wellness into a rewarding career as a sleep coach!

Role of A Sleep Science Coach

As a sleep science coach with the Spencer Institute, you will be able to help others have a better quality of life by giving them the tools and techniques they need to improve their sleep.

As a Certified Sleep Science Coach, you’ll help people realize the importance of sleep and how it directly affects their overall health and wellbeing. You’ll educate them on what’s going on with their bodies during sleep, and how poor sleep has a damaging impact on their mental and physical well-being. Then, you’ll show them how to get better quality rest through targeted supplementation and lifestyle adjustments.

Career As A Sleep Consultant:

As a sleep consultant, you’ll take the role of helping people develop and maintain healthy habits. Your services will include recommending healthy routines for sleeping, waking up, and eating; building exercise routines; modifying schedules for children; and helping people seek professional help when insomnia or other sleep-related problems are overwhelming their lives.

Sleep Consultants are providers for individuals, health agencies, and other organizations that specialize in solving sleep problems. The average annual pay for a Sleep Consultant in the United States is $66,354 a year.