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Mostly Asked Questions on Water Filter

Water that you drink is highly important for your health and it is also very important for your family. If you don’t have water filter, then it is not possible to get safe and clean water for your family. So, if you want to buy a water filter, then it should be done by the people who are having some knowledge about this topic.


How does ultraviolet light purify water?

The most effective way to naturally disinfect your water is with ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites to destroy them by attacking their genetic core (DNA).

Water distribution and use should be distributed to homes and businesses, through a more efficient filtration and disinfection process. Reducing the number of pathogens in drinking water by reducing the amount of time it sits in pipes, or when people wash their hands with contaminated water.


Why do UV sterilizers require sediment pre-filtration?

UV systems require pre-filtration as sediment and other contaminants in the water can create a shadow that prevents the UV rays from reaching the harmful microorganisms. Pre-filtration also protects electrical components from corrosion by preventing minerals from building up in outlets or fittings.


Should a UV sterilizer before or after filter?

If you are using a UV sterilizer, it’s important to filter your water before treatment with the UV light. Not doing so can cause cross contamination or cause microorganisms or suspended matter to remain in the water after being treated by the UV sterilizer.


Should I filter my tap water?

Filtering your tap water is a common approach to removing contaminants. It removes bacteria, viruses, chlorine and other products that may be found with tap water. However, not all contaminants can be filtered out. Therefore, it’s important to filter your water before drinking it.

Water filters are a must-have for any household. You can easily use them to filter tap water, such as when you’re cooking and need to be certain that all harmful impurities have disappeared from your cooking water.


Is boiled water the same as filtered water?

Boiling water does not purify it as it still leaves contaminants such as dirt, chlorine and heavy metals back in the water. On the other hand, water filters provide convenient, safe, and great tasting drinking water without any hassle.


How long does it take UV light to purify water?

UV water purification is quick! As water flows through the UV chamber, bacteria and other waterborne microbes are killed within ten seconds. The process is designed to produce pure water and leave behind a minimal amount of toxins that may promote bacterial growth or kill beneficial microorganisms in your environment.

Water purification is a critical step in almost any home, business or hospital. For example, when someone returns from vacation and has to take a shower, the water that comes out of their system could be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. UV light kills those pathogens in a short amount of time.

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