Sinus Infection Mental Confusion | Symptoms | Treatment

sinus infection mental confusion

Sinus Infection Mental Confusion:

Sinus infection: It occurs when the cavities around the nasal passages become affected with the bacteria and viruses. In case of chronic sinusitis, the inflammation of the nasal cavity increases.

The sinus patients face the facial pain and pressure, nasal congestion, headaches. They also loss the sense of smelling.

Mental Confusion:

Mental confusion is a very important issue in medical industry. It is also called delirium. General people have a general awareness. In case of mental confusion, people or a person losses awareness.

A person suffering from mental confusion forget many easy things naturally. It is one kind of mental abnormality.

In case of this situation, it affects a person’s thinking. Person cannot remember any easy matter easily. It shows sudden changes in the system of the awareness.


Connection between Sinus Infection and Mental Confusion:

  • Sinus affected people suffer from depression and anxiety. They also face the mental confusion situation.
  • You know about the types of sinuses. The nerves of those sinuses affect the mental condition.
  • In case of severe condition such as chronic sinusitis affected people generally face this kind of mental situation.
  • Sinus infection affects your mental health. So, mental confusion arises from the chronic sinus problems.


sinus infection mental confusion



A mental confused person usually unaware of his mental conditions. The surrounding people of that person can identify his mental abnormal situations.

  • There are some symptoms of a mental confused person –
  • A person with a confusion when give any answer
  • Suddenly fall in a deep sleep
  • Unaware of their surroundings
  • They act very upset
  • Nervousness is very common to them
  • Attention span is very little
  • Trouble in remembering any things or phenomenon
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Personality changes, and restlessness
  • More anxiety, and depression



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Research about Sinusitis and Mental Confusions:

Researchers found that the patients with chronic sinusitis face the depression and anxiety. This depression, anxiety as well as the nervousness make the patient confused.

Severe symptoms of chronic sinusitis lead the patient to the mental health problems or disorders gradually.


Statistics of this Disorder:

The patients dealing with nasal polyps, noncancerous growths in the nasal cavity that cause breathing difficulty.

A survey was done between two kinds of people. They are –

  1. People with sinus issue (chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps)
  2. People without sinus issue

41% more people were affected with depression and mental confusion (in case of severe conditions) compared to those without sinus issues. In another study, 61 percent people suffer from depression having both chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps.



Bottom Line:

You can never rigidly tell that chronic sinusitis causes anxiety, depression as well as mental confusions. It is just a research not a conclusion. More researches are going on this issue.



You have to meet with a good physician in case of this problem. Without doctor’s advice do not take any kind of medicine.

Doctors will recommend a better treatment for the patient. So quickly go to the clinic or hospital for the further treatment and procedures. Don’t be so worry, keep patience.



What are the symptoms of Acute Sinus infection?

  • Pain, pressure, and tenderness in the face
  • Nasal congestion
  • Thick greenish or yellow mucus
  • Postnasal drip that may taste bad
  • An upper or back toothache
  • Bad breathing
  • Loss the sense of smelling
  • A feeling of being sick
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Fever
  • A sore throat
  • A bad headache
  • A cough that can worsen at night


When to call in a Doctor in case of mental confusion?

 If your conditions become more severe (severe headache and extreme pain) you can call in a doctor. After completing an antibiotics course you should go to meet with doctor if you still feel same symptoms.


sinus infection mental confusion