Skin Care Is Not Just The Face

Skin Care

When most people think of skincare, they think of the face.

But, it’s a common misconception that most people follow. When the market launches one of these skincare products in KSA, people mostly think about whether it will suit their skin tone or not.


While thinking about complementing the skin tone, we think about our face, which shouldn’t be the case.

Your whole body is covered with skin, which is probably why it is called the largest organ. We understand that you take care of your face the most because that’s the first thing you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror.

However, skin care is not just the face and we are here to explore that.

So, let’s start.

Why Is Overall Skin Care Important?

Good skin is important for various reasons, one of which is it helps you to stay in a good condition. You are shedding skin cells throughout the day so you must keep it glowing and in a good condition. An effective skin care routine can cure wrinkles, prevent acne, and help your skin look the best.

As you grow old, your skin will have wrinkles and that’s not just going to be in your face. Your whole body’s skin looks pale, dull, less radiant, and less moisturized. If you use a quality skin care product, you can remove dead skin cells, and your body will replace them with more youthful ones.

Prevention is better than cure. If you believe in this philosophy, you must know that there are hundreds of skin problems that can appear on your whole body if you don’t take proper care of it.

If you don’t take care of it now, and prefer to deal with it in the future, it will cost you more money than it should have in the first place.

Do you get a self-confidence boost when you look in the mirror and see yourself glowing?

Of course, you do.

But, how would you feel if your entire skin glows and your neck, shoulder, hands look dull.

This is why you must remember that skin care is not just the face. It’s about taking care of your whole body, and if you do it right, you will reap its benefits in the long-term.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Since we have already talked about why it is important to take care of one’s skin, you should understand there are some ways to help you do that. Let’s find them out here:

1: Cleansing

Cleansing is the first step in a good skin care routine. You must wash your face from time to time to remove the dirt, and if you have dry skin, you should use a cleanser with an alcohol base. If you don’t want to use an artificial product, you can simply clean your skin with water. However, if you have oily skin, you should look for oil-free cleansers in the market.

2: Exfoliation

If you regularly exfoliate your skin, you can get rid of clogged pores, which prevents sudden acne breakouts. Long-term exfoliation can also boost collagen production, which can make your skin plumpy, and enhance its elasticity. Sugaring, natural scrub, and dry brushing are some ways of exfoliation that accompany a good skin care routine.

3: Toning

Once you clean your face, you should focus on toning it because it restores the nutrients on your skin, and keeps it bright, and glowing. When you use a toner, you minimize the appearance of pores. You also protect your skin from the harmful chemicals that you use via the makeup products. Toning also retains skin moisture, which is a major perk of this process.

4: Moisturizing

You should use moisturizers on your face every time you wash your skin. Daily moisturizing helps your skin get rid of several problems such as reducing skin blemishes, and acne breakouts. Moisturizing means you retain its water content, and when your skin retains enough water, it helps you stay young for a long time.

5: Sunscreen

Last but not least, we would like to stress on the importance of using sunscreen every time you go outside. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and something that covers a broad spectrum because that will save you from the harmful UV exposure.

Keep It Together!

Skincare is not just the face, it’s about your whole body. We have established this predicament over and over again in this article and have also suggested a few ways to take care of your skin. So follow the routine and let us know how you’ve liked it in the comment box below.