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what is a healthy home

Healthy Home

When it comes to your home, you want it to ideally be a safe and clean sanctuary for you to lead a peaceful home life. In everyday life, people spend ample time ensuring that their bodies are healthy- whether that’s through committing to an exercise regime, or a lifestyle that requires a specific diet for them to feel energized and well.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the notion of a healthy home has massively come into play. Coronavirus instilled a new fear in people across the globe, as the virus manifested itself in our homes and latched onto all surfaces.

what is a healthy home

Since then, people have begun to place more emphasis on ensuring that their home is kept in pristine condition, and is a place that is as free of germs and harm as possible. Here at We Buy Any House, we have delved into the meaning of a healthy home, the challenges it presents and how you can achieve it yourself.

What is a Healthy Home?

As mentioned previously, the environment in your home can affect your health. The places where you work, sleep, eat and even drive are all determining factors of your health that you may overlook when it comes to your property.

what is a healthy home

In short, a healthy home is housing that is specifically designed and constructed, rehabilitated and maintained in order to conduct good occupant health. Being proactive in your home is a great way to prevent illnesses happening rather than treating them.

Additionally, a healthy home doesn’t just surround the idea of having a home that is super clean. It’s important to create a home that also has a good emotional environment. To create a sound environment, this includes doing this such as:

  • Ensuring effective communication between family members.
  • Willingness to compromise.
  • Working on conflict-resolution skills.
  • Caring about the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone else.
  • Stress-management.

what is a healthy home

What Risks Are There in the Home?

Aside from all the obvious hazards such as exposed wires, trip, fire and flood hazards that can cause serious injury, things such as bacteria, dust mites and mold can be just as damaging to your health- even if you think your immune system is healthy.

Its critical to understand how your home environment can impact your health. If you have medical conditions such as asthma or eczema, or you suffer with various allergies, you may be inclined to keep your house free of triggers- in order to protect your healthy. Even if you don’t suffer from any medical conditions, you can’t be 100% sure in saying these problems won’t arise one day.

what is a healthy home

Why is Creating a Healthy Home Hard?

You may have the attitude of ‘well if it worked for people in the past, why change now?’- and that is true to an extent. However, as we live in a society where we rely on artificial and manufactured creations, there are things to be alert of. Increased industrialization has birthed thousands of new chemicals. A few other challenging notions to consider include:

  • Our water supplies are contaminated with a chemical turnoff that comes from fertilizers and pesticides, in addition to pharmaceutical drugs that get flushed away.
  • The way modern houses are built means that less air is able to circulate through them.
  • Water supplies may also contain fluoride, which is now presenting as a concern for babies and children.
  • There are chemicals in everyday products, from shampoos to antiperspirants and even toothpaste.

what is a healthy home

Tips for Having a Healthy Home:

There are a few easy ways you can ensure your home is at the healthiest place it can be, by using things that don’t require a lot of time, money or energy. Here are a few suggestions you could undertake in your home:

Indoor Air Quality:

Just as the air outside can become polluted, so can the air inside your home. A few things that can pollute the air inside your home include mold, carbon monoxide and chemicals from cleaning products and air fresheners.

what is a healthy home

To improve the air quality in your home, you can open your doors and windows, avoid using artificial or chemical cleaning products or air fresheners, and prevent people from smoking or projecting unwanted chemicals.

Water Quality:

Water consumption and usage is a huge part of our lives. It is an essential part of our home living, and it’s important to know where your water came from, how it was treated and most importantly, if it’s safe to drink.

A few ways to do this could be: finding out where your water is sourced from and checking it has a certificate of filtration. You can also place water in a jug, and over a day or two the chlorine will naturally filter out, or invest in a water filter for your drinking water.

what is a healthy home

Furniture Care:

Ensure that everything you clean is being cleaned with natural cleaning products that are reduced in the amount of bleach used. Also, try to make more time to hoover and dust- even if you think it’s not there, more than likely it will be. If you are thinking of redecorating, milk paints are the healthiest to use when decorating.

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