What should you know about Far Infrared Heat Therapy Systems?

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far infrared heat therapy, also known as FIR heat, is a medical therapy that uses far infrared rays to produce heat. The device that emits far-infrared rays is often a pad, blanket, pad, or pillow that you can control with your phone. Far infrared heat therapy has been around for decades, but it’s only become a widely used treatment in the past few years. This type of therapy works by emitting far-infrared rays from a device that delivers heat. Heat positively affects the body because it stimulates circulation and releases endorphins. Far infrared therapy is especially useful for people who have chronic pain, insomnia, and injuries.

How Far Infrared Heat Therapy Works?

When using a far-infrared heat device, you produce far infrared rays with a special infrared lamp. The lamp produces infrared rays absorbed by the pad, blanket, pad, or pillow. These rays can heat the pad’s materials over time. The pad can be anywhere between 118-212 degrees Fahrenheit. Far infrared rays have been proven to activate your body’s natural defense systems, particularly your immune system. This can help reduce pain, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation.

Potential Health Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Many potential health benefits of far-infrared heat therapy include reducing pain, circulation, and inflammation. Here are some of the most notable.

  • Improved sleep – One of the most prominent benefits of far infrared heat therapy is improved sleep. People who have insomnia or a nervous system disorder like anxiety can benefit from this treatment. This is because far-infrared heat therapy can stimulate the brain and relax you.
  • Improved mood – Another common benefit of using a far-infrared pad is an improved mood. People who suffer from depression or low moods can benefit from feeling less stressed and more energetic after using a pad.
  • Improved athletic performance – People who exercise often can also use far-infrared heat therapy as an advantage. This therapy can improve athletic performance because it helps the body release more energy.
  • Stronger Immunity – Finally, far-infrared heat therapy can boost immunity and make you less susceptible to illnesses. This is thanks to the natural immune system boost that comes with heat.

How to Use a Far Infrared Heating Pad?

The first thing is that it’s best to use a pad that’s the warmest setting is between 118-212 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also make sure that you don’t use a pad in direct sunlight or in an area that’s too hot. The last thing to remember is to cover up with a blanket while using a pad. This will help you stay comfortable while still benefiting from the heat.

Important Safety Tips for Using a Heating Pad

Although far infrared heat therapy is a safe treatment method, it’s still important to follow some safety guidelines while using a pad. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to stay safe.

  • Never use any lamp on your face, head, or body. This can cause burns or permanent damage. 
  • Never leave a heating pad on when you’re not using it. This can overheat and cause damage to the pad.
  • Always unplug your pad when you’re not using it. Doing this prevents any damage that could occur if it’s left on.
  • Store your pad away from young children and pets. Doing so protects anyone who could accidentally run into the pad.

Is Far Infrared Therapy Right for You?

As with any medical treatment, it’s important to talk with your doctor before starting a far-infrared pad treatment program. They can tell you if far infrared therapy is right for you and your specific health issues. They can also tell you if there are any risks or side effects of using a pad. This information can help you decide if far-infrared heat therapy is right for you.